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 updated Feb 21, 2003


Bonus Bucks - Turn in a fellow employee and GET CASH !
(campaign runs January 20-March 31, 2003)

This year's bonus bucks program offers:

- $20 from the National Union for each new member you recruit plus additional incentives from your AFGE District Office
- Commemorative 70th anniversary medallions to the first 100 Bonus Bucks recruiters
- $100 for each top District recruiter
- $2500 grand prize for the top recruiter nationwide
- $1,000 for the runner-up and
- $500 for the third-place recruiter nationwide.


  • Follow these instructions to make sure you get credit for each new member you sign up:
    Fill in the recruiter information at the bottom of each membership application. Nat'l AFGE must have this information to process your bonus bucks payment. To collect the $20 recruiter incentive and the additional District incentive for recruiting each new member, you must include your Social Security number and your current address in the "recruiter" section found at the bottom of each membership form.
  • Be sure to keep copies of all membership applications for your records. Without this documentation, it will be difficult to make a claim of non-payment at a later date.
  • Take your membership applications to your Local President, Gary Mongelli. Gary will verify membership eligibility and will then forward the originals to your Personnel Office for processing and copies to your AFGE National Vice President for your rebate.
  • If Gary verifies that a new member is eligible for dues withholding, that new member will be instantly qualified to be an eligible Bonus Bucks recruiter, and thereby entitled to the rebate.
  • If you are unable to contact Gary, then send the signed membership application directly to your National Vice President.
  • You can submit additional new member applications any time during this campaign (January 20-March 31, 2003), but don't forget to fill in the recruiter information at the bottom of the application.
  • Rebates will take between 2-3 weeks upon receipt in Membership & Organization Department to process.

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