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December 17, 2002


MEMORANDUM FOR:  John Carson, Regional Director, Region VIII

                                          Sheryl Eddings, Labor and Employees Relations

                                           Kenneth M. Lynn, Director ARD, 8AAR


FROM: Gary J. Mongelli, President, AFGE Local 3972


SUBJECT: Demand to Bargain;  Local bargaining of Proposed Move of the Denver Regional Office.


AFGE Local 3972 requests to negotiate over the expected movement of bargaining unit employees within the current building, or to another location.  Should the agency choose to relocate to another building, or to renegotiate its current lease in the present location, which causes employees/equipment to be, moved, the Union requests to bargain over all changes in conditions of employment prior to any lease affecting such conditions, being signed by the Agency or other authority. (GSA) The Union requests that all conditions remain status quo pending completion of negotiations.


 We are proposing that HUD and the Local Union commence discussions to resolve any issues regarding this expected move.

 In order to preserve our right to bargain, our preliminary proposals are as follows:


1.)     TOUR of CITES:  Management agrees that the Union will be provided a tour of ALL potential cites/floors prior to negotiations.

2.)     FLOOR PLANS:  Management agrees that the Union will be provided floor plans of all potential cites. Including all safety/fire/evacuation plans and routes for Bargaining Unit Employees

3.)      TRANSPORTATION:  Management agrees that they will provide to the Union any impact or changes on bargaining unit employees in regard to transportation or Parking facilities.

4.)     EXERSIZE, PERSONEL HYGINE, RESTROOM, BREAK and LUNCHROOM FACILITIES: Management agrees that the Union will be given detailed plans to all the facilities mentioned above affecting the Bargaining Unit Employees.

5.)     SPACE, FURNITURE and EQUIPMENT: Management agrees that planning concerning reductions in space, space allocation, arrangement of space, furniture and equipment to be used by Bargaining Unit Employees are matters involving working conditions of employees and will be negotiated.

6.)     PRIVATE OFFICES, CONFERENCE/MEETING ROOMS: Management agrees that planning of areas concerning location offices, blockage of window areas, and the location of employee work areas near windows will be negotiated.

7.)                 OFFICE CONDITIONS:  Management agrees that office conditions, e.g., lighting, acoustics, and the height of partitions will be negotiated.

8.)     OFFICE DESIGN: Management agrees that location of partitions or room dividers will be negotiated.


10.)  Negotiated and agreed upon in any negotiations or discussions of these proposals will in final form be a MOU to the above mentioned supplement and distributed to ALL bargaining unit staff in the effected areas. (Denver Regional office)  

11.) IMPACT ON OTHER HUD RELATED OFFICES: Management agrees that any impact or changes caused by the “NEW” DIGITAL BADGE SYSTEM on the National Office of Indian Programs located at 1999 Broadway Avenue, Denver, Colorado will be supplied to the Union a minimum of three days prior to any bargaining or discussions of these proposals is planned.

                 4.) CHANGES IN THE COST OF SECURITY BADGE REPLACEMENT: Management                    agrees to supply to the Union

3.)     TRAINING REQUESTS: Management agrees to LOCAL procedures for training requests be developed and adopted during these negotiations in cooperation with the Union. The Union also requests a further clarification of the Approval/disapproval of training requests. 

5.)     TRAVEL REQUESTS: Management agrees to LOCAL procedures for travel requests be developed and adopted during these negotiations in cooperation with the Union. The Union also request that the HTM System be addressed in the procedures.

6.)     NOT OUT-STATIONED:  Management agrees that the definition as stated in #20 of Supplement 39 “Not Out Stationed” will not change any element or the intent of Supplement 39. (To protect the rights of employees with a remote supervisor.

7.)     The Union proposes Management agrees to conduct local bargaining in accordance with Section 5.03 and 5.04 and other sections of the contract as appropriate.


This bargaining can commence immediately as to not interfere with the production and the Mission of the Agency.

 The Union reserves the right to add other proposals or amend existing proposals.