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Denver pic

Thanks for completing this Denver Office Move Questionnaire!
(A BIG THANKS to Local 3972 for developing the questionnaire and HUD Council 222 who provides
web space for us and Locals nationwide)


You do not need to be a union member to comment, you must be
a member to participate in any bargaining. Please give us your input,
we've taken out the name and email address section of the form,
all responses are anonymous!


We used an internet form provider for this questionnaire. After you hit Submit
you will receive an email confirmation from them along with some advertising.



1) List your major concerns regarding the office move:

2) List how the move will impact you specifically:

3) What will you want in new location that you do not have now:

4) What amenities do you now have, that you do not want to lose?

5) Would you volunteer to be a representative on a bargaining team for the Union in your specific program area (you must be a union member)? If you check Yes or Maybe, please contact Gary Mongelli at ext 5240 or his cell phone-720-220-1327.

Maybe, I need more info first