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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Regional Director

AFGE Local 3972



February 5, 2003




MEMORANDUM FOR:           All Denver Regional Office Employees


FROM:             John K. Carson, Regional Director


                        Gary J. Mongelli, President, AFGE 3972



SUBJECT: Office Space


We are pleased to announce that the General Services Administration (GSA) has selected the UMB Plaza Building, 1670 Broadway, formerly known as the Amoco Building, to be the new location of the Denver Regional Office. Although our exact space requirements will be defined over the course of the next few months, we anticipate occupying space generally from the 20th floor to the 25th floor.

As mentioned in the email message sent to all staff on November 20, 2002, our current lease expires in December of this year. HUD Management and Local 3972 are committed to working closely with our Administrative Resources Division, who will be our liaison with GSA and UMB Plaza Building Management, to plan and execute the move in the fastest possible manner with the least amount of disruption.

We will now move into the design phase of the project during which employees, through the Union, will be able to offer comments, suggestions and recommendations. Once preliminary floor plans are drawn, there will be ample opportunity to provide additional input. In the near future, a special mailbox will be established to which employees may e-mail questions about the move. The questions will be restated anonymously for response on the Colorado HUDWeb site.

Those of you who experienced our relocation ten years ago from the Executive Tower to our current space are well aware of the logistics involved in making a move of this magnitude smooth and orderly. As the current process moves forward, your cooperation and support will be the keys to another successful transition.