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March 21, 2003 Survey

Local 3972 President, Gary Mongelli, will be using my services as 3972 Steward (Fargo, North Dakota office) to send e:news to 3972 Bargaining Unit Employees and/or current 3972 members. When you see the red banner, you will know it's a message from 3972 President Mongelli, via one of the 3972 stewards.

The union has had conflicting information as to the ability of the Denver HUD employees to report to work Thursday, March 20th. Local 3972 has placed a quick survey on their web site (site is in developmental stages) that will allow you to give feedback on your ability to get to work on the 20th. PLEASE complete the survey by clicking on the following link, it will only take a minute and will allow you to give us feedback anonymously. Here's the survey link posted on the up and coming Local 3972 website: