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President: Gary Mongelli
Vice President: Lori Roget
Treasurer: Lori Roget (Acting)
Secretary: Bobbi Tyus
MT Steward: Diane Spragg
ND Steward: Patty Petry
UT Steward: Sue Jeffs
WY Steward: Karen Hawkins



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Feb 28, 03 - AFGE Local 3972 loads its website! President Mongelli requested 3972 Steward, Patty Petry, to develop and maintain a website. Gary asked "is there a way I can just go in and type whenever I want to?". Patty researched "blogs" (web logs) and told Gary yes, he could have his own "blog" and it now resides within this website.

Feel free to send us articles and links. Gary will be typing in his thoughts on his blog (see blog button on top of page), the rest of the website will be maintained by Patty.

Feb 27, 03 - Denver Office Move (slated for December). Though the move is in the earliest stages, Local 3972 has sent an enews email to all bargaining unit employees. The email linked to a questionnaire that allows employees to anonomously send their concerns to President Mongelli. Local 3972 has reviewed all responses (quite a few!!) and knows what concerns employees most about the move. Please complete the questionnaire if you haven't already done so.

12/17 - demand to bargain memo
01/30 - data request memo
02/05 - Mongelli/Carson Memo

(no date) - Mike Lynn Memo

03/06 Federal Times.com has a one question poll "Do you think your agency has adequate oversite of its contractors?" Take the poll > > >

03/05 Mike Causey's Unions In A Fix > > >

2/23 Mike Causey's What the Raise Portends-Watch what the Bush admin does with the extra 1% for a peek into your pay future. > > >

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